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I received the following email from W this afternoon at work:

Hello Melissa,

I have been instructed to give you this attendance memorandum. It is something that is being done within the accounting department to ensure we don’t have excess absenteeism. Since you have missed so many days and have 10 days scheduled off in October, I need you to read this memorandum and sign and date it and give it back to me please.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The attached memorandum (and really, who calls it that?!):

Melissa, you are an important part of our accounting team and your attendance is very important. Your attendance records indicate, since January 1st you have missed seven days of work. You used a floating holiday for one of those days and took the remaining without pay.

Any unexcused time off taken for the remainder of 2017, will result in disciplinary action and may include termination. Your vacation in October is considered excused.

Your good health and presence on the job are very important to us and are essential to the smooth operation of the department.

Thank you.

This pissed me off to no end. I checked with our online time clock and only found six days. Plus the last three days I called off were because I had food poisoning. Not to mention the fact that those three days were back in June. I have never had a supervisor/manager/other type boss wait two fucking months to write me up.

I asked W why they waited two months and she said she doesn't know but I'm not the only one who got a letter like this. I also mentioned that I was only able to find six days in ADP. She reminded me of a day in January where I was 'scheduled' to work on a Monday and called off.

I don't think that one should count for two reasons:
1) It was a Monday which is my usual day off
2) I made it up later in the week

It also pissed me off when they said that my vacation is 'excused'. I was like, it had fucking better be! And then the end where they threaten me with termination if I have to miss another day between here and the end of the year (minus the two weeks for my vacation).

I mean, what if I get hospitalized? I can't exactly help that, ya know. And if I'm contagious, they're not gonna be happy if I go to work and end up infecting the whole office like G did last spring.

Fic prompt

Jul. 14th, 2017 04:56 am
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Saw an email in my spam folder with the subject line 'Steve's accidental Wassup message'. My first thought was that Steve was trying to message Danny but got Kono or Chin or Grover instead.

I have way too many WIPs right now so I'm putting this out there for anyone who wants it.
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I have recently discovered that I work better if I’m listening to anything other than music at work. We’re not allowed to ‘watch’ Netflix (I use quote marks because I was treating it as an audio book). So I downloaded Audible and received two free books.

And have since listened to them both.

So I am requesting podfics or links to free audio books.

The fandoms I read fic in (with pairings) are:

H50 - Steve/Danny/Chin (any combination) or Steve/Cath

SPN - Sam/Dean, Dean/Crowley, Dean/Cas

SGA - John/Ronon/Rodney/Carson/Evan/Radek (any combination)

Farscape - John/Aeryn or John/D’Argo or D’Argo/Chiana

SG-1 - Jack/Daniel or Cam/Teal’c

CSI:Miami - Eric/Tim/Horatio/Ryan (any combination)

CSI: - Gil/Nick/Greg/Brass (any combination)

CSI: NY - Danny/Mac/Don/Adam (any combination)

Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles

I have one podfic in particular that I’m looking for, though. I don’t remember the author or even who read it (although I think it was Yin_Again (not sure I got the name right)). It was a McShep remix of Can’t Buy Me Love. I only had the first half of the podfic and kept checking for several weeks but the second part never posted. It may have posted by now, of course, but I’ve lost the link to the page because this was way back in 2005.
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I just went to my livejournal to check something and found this covering my header:


What the frell is it? And how do I make it go away?
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Today is my birthday but because my supervisor won’t be here tomorrow, which is HER birthday, today is all about her. A coworker is currently decorating her desk. No one has wished me a happy birthday (yes they know it’s today). This always happens. Even my family forgets. The one day of the year when it’s supposed to be all about me and it never is.


And to add insult to injury, my desk is right next to W’s so the decorations could extend over to my desk but no. A is being a bitch and making sure they don’t even touch the edge of my space.


And now people are dropping off presents/leaving notes (she’s not here yet). And now I’m gonna have to spend the rest of the day listening to people wishing her a happy birthday when it’s nOT HER FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!


I went down to the cafe to get me something to eat and while I was gone W arrived. She gave my a gift card and is technically the first person to wish me a happy birthday because I have my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and had not seen that my brother had texted me yet. So that makes me feel better.


And now my good mood is ruined.

A went and got a cake but only put W's name on it. And they made me stand there while they handed her presents and sang Happy Birthday to her (and she didn't once say anything about it actually being MY birthday).

But the manager of the department wished me a happy birthday which she didn't do last year so there's that.


I just got some cookies and a pint of ice cream! The day isn't so bad after all.
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This will be one of my last crossposts. The only reason I agreed to the new LiveJournal TOS is because I have paid time left but once that is up I'll more than likely delete my LJ account.

I got the mail today and discovered that this had finally been delivered:


Looking forward to reading this series!
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You know your at the end of your energy level when you go to the Walmart you hate because the layout has all the (non food) items you forgot to get on your last grocery run on the same side of the store.
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Saturday I got my hair done (did the blue again!). There was an issue with my stylist not showing up but another stylist whose client didn't show up agreed to take me. She was slower than the girl I had been using but she had graduated back in February so I had to use a different girl this time. And of course the new girl is much newer than the other one. Which of course is not a bad thing. She'll get faster the more she does hair.

After that, my daughter and I spent the afternoon shopping. I got four new bras (I'm wearing one now and let me say it is a glorious feeling wearing a bra that fits!), a couple pairs of new jeans and a new dress.

Before we went shopping we went to lunch and during lunch I got an alert that my credit score had changed. When I checked it I found that my score had gone up! I'm so happy about that because I was able to apply for store cards at the two stores we went to and get approved! AND I paid both cards off right away because I had made sure I had plenty of cash before I left.

All the walking and being social on Saturday left me exhausted (I fell asleep on the couch at 9pm) so I chose to not do anything except sit on the couch yesterday. And I'm still a little sore today; mostly my feet because I wore sandals.
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I just realized I haven't posted in a while. The reasons are many and varied (mostly that there hasn't been anything happy in my life these past several weeks).

But I have a few things this week.

First, This is what I currently look like:


If you can't tell, my hair is a lovely shade of blue. I have grown to like it; when first done, not so much. Before this it was purple but that washed out too quickly. Every where I go people tell me they love it. Not so my mother. Last night she stopped by to give me some cherry cobbler and when she left she said, "I love you but please don't do that to your hair again." As if she gets a say in what I do.

Second, my daughter has moved back to Texas. She is currently crashing at my mother's and HATES it. She got a job at The CMI Group (long time readers will remember I worked there back in 2010-2011) and is starting to hate that too. So her father's sister is helping her find a better job and a place to live.

The reason this is good is that she comes over on Tuesdays and we watch The Fosters and Switched at Birth together (and Teen Wolf when it returns from hiatus).

I am currently working Monday-Friday at work due to a A being on maternity leave. While I enjoy the extra time at home in the mornings, I prefer having two and a half days off (nine hours Tuesday-Thursday, eight hours Friday and five hours Saturday) because I get SO much more done.

What's making you happy this week?
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Update on this post.

I managed to get over forty keyed with time left over! But I'm still stressed about how much trouble I might get into due to arguing with W and refusing to go back to the office. It's eating into my energy reserves.

Also, when I got in this morning my monitors were working, so yay for that. But it still was not connecting to the wifi. I went to one of the offices and got the password but it didn't work for me. I even tried to make my phone a hotspot. It didn't work at first. KP emailed IT for me about my not being able to connect. Then the hotspot worked. I replied to IT that I was connected via a hotspot (so they'd know they could fix it remotely) and one of the IT guys emailed to ask if I was all good then. I was like, uh, NO! So he called me and took remote access and fixed it!

So, yeah, that's my morning so far. Hope yours are going better.

Update: Just got a meeting invite for a 'discussion' in about half an hour from W.

Update2: The meeting was just with KN and W. They started by telling me they love my work and want me to take notes of how I do my mornings so that I can tell the rest of the team so that maybe they can be as well organized as me. Then they went on to tell me that I handled Saturday all wrong. I knew that at the time but couldn't make myself express that to them, THEN. I have been told to blow up one or both of their phones if something similar ever happens again.

Conclusion: Not fired. Yay! Not even written up. Since I didn't sign anything this may not have even counted as a verbal. Got some good feedback. Moving on, on a more positive note.
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I'm watching Blue Hawaii and I can't help but wonder how anyone can hear Elvis' thick Tennessee accent and think he grew up in Hawaii. *shakes head*
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I am livid right now.

When I clocked out last night my computer started updating so I left it at work. When I arrived this morning I clocked in on my phone while I waited for it to finish updating thinking it would only take a few minutes. At 8:16 I opened the laptop to see why it hadn't finished yet; only to discover it was only at ten percent!

I texted KN and W to tell them and then sat back and waited. At 9 something I checked again and realized that it had finished but for some reason my monitors weren't coming on. I checked the ThinkPad black box we use to connect our laptops to the two monitors and it was on. So I checked the settings and it was no longer recognizing that there was anything connected to it.

I texted KN and W asking what to do but didn't hear anything from them so at 9:45 I made the decision to go home.

I got a text while I was on my way home from W asking if it had finished updating. I said it had and I was headed home.

Then KN and W and I had a disjointed text conversation wherein it was made painfully obvious that neither of them ever read my texts because I mentioned several times that my laptop would not connect to the internet at work because of the black box and that I was already home but willing to do what I can from here.

W said I'm not allowed because last time I only got eleven shifts keyed. I tried explaining that that was because I did more than just key but I was going to ONLY key today.

They told me to go back to the office and connect to the internet via wifi. I said I'm not willing to waste my gas going back to the office (I'm terrified that this statement will get me fired) because I tried connecting to wifi using my phone as a hotspot but it didn't work.

So now I have to lose nearly five hours of pay because they won't let me work from home today.

Update: W just texted and said to clock back in and key for an hour and then we'll see.
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For those that need something to lift their spirits today, I just found out that it's More Joy Day. Also, don't forget if you don't agree with what's about to happen, you can drive down the ratings by leaving your TV on to any channel other than the ones showing the Inauguration.
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Today was a good day. It started off like every other day but then around the middle of the day I was called into one of the small conference rooms.

I knew I wasn't in trouble because L had been calling everyone into the room one by one. I figured it was to talk about our self evaluations that we had to fill out back before Christmas.

Spoiler: it wasn't. But it was good news. L was telling each of us that we were getting a cost of living increase. Mine was only $.38 but it's an inch closer to the salary I want.

While in the room, L talked to me about training me as a lead/backup for KN. She is very supportive of the idea and said that I am currently a junior biller and to be made a lead I have to be a senior biller. She said that we will sit down at some point and discuss strategy to get me there. So, yay!

She also said that she is pleased with my improvement in my attitude and keying (she said I'm not on the error log much these days).
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This is the weekly post where you can tell others about something that made you happy this past week. It can be something you take pride in like something you did that was difficult for you, something that made your day like getting that job you really want, learning an interesting new fact, or even just something that made you smile/laugh.

Feel free to comment anonymously or not, it's totally up to you. Also, you don't have to wait until Mondays to comment.
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So I have made a very difficult decision.

I've decided to NOT move when my current lease is up. The reason is that I've let time get away from me and there is no way I can be ready to move in just over a month.

So I'm going to get started this weekend emptying the boxes that are left from my move two years ago and get my apartment clean(er). This way I can get a monitor and work from my kitchen table so that I can change my schedule from Tues-Sat to Sun-Thurs like L has asked (because A and I are both off on Mondays right now).

I really do not want to live in my current apartment another day much less another year but I was really anxious about purging (which should have been done in 2014) so I can move in March and this is the best option for right now.

If I happen to find the perfect apartment in my price range between now and next March, you can bet I'll be doing an early termination on this place.

I feel a bit better now that I've made the decision but I'm still anxious because I do not feel safe a lot of the time living where I do and I really do not like it. To that end I'm hoping by finally getting off my lazy butt and emptying those boxes and doing some cleaning will make it more livable for me.
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While typing my last post I was reminded that it's Monday (okay, I knew that but...) and that means it's time for our first 'spreading the happy' post.

This is the weekly post where you can tell others about something that made you happy this past week. It can be something you take pride in like something you did that was difficult for you, something that made your day like getting that job you really want, learning an interesting new fact, or even just something that made you smile/laugh.

Feel free to comment anonymously or not, it's totally up to you.
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I haven't gotten the mail at all this year (I know I'm a lazy fuck) but I have a fairly good reason for it. See, my complex has two entrances: one at the front where the office/mailboxes are and one at the back.

My apartment is at the back so I always use the back entrance which means I have to go out of my way to get the mail. And I'm usually ready to get home.

So today after doing laundry I decided to stop and get it. And what did I find in my mail (other than bills and junk mail)? A card from [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx and [livejournal.com profile] melagan. I'm so sorry if y'all thought I was unappreciative by not saying thank you. I haven't read them yet because stupid me left the mail in the car. But I'm going grocery shopping in a bit and I'll bring it in then.

Please consider this as your thank you. It really made my day to get these cards, even if I haven't read them yet.
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Day 06

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

As always, I'm just copy/pasting my list.

1) I'd love a fic written just for me. My fandoms with pairing are:
Stargate SG-1: Daniel/Jack OR Cam/Teal'c (please do not combine them)
Stargate Atlantis: John/Rodney/Ronon/Lorne/Radek/Carson (in any combination)
CSI: Miami: Eric/Ryan/Horatio/Speed (in any combination) OR Eric/Calleigh (Please do not combine them)
CSI: Greg/Warrick/Gil/Nick (in any combination)
Farscape: D'Argo/Crichton OR D'Argo/Chiana OR Crichton/Aeryn (please do not combine them)
CSI: NY: Flack/Danny/Mac/Adam (in any combination)
The Invisible Man (2000 Sci-Fi series): Darien/Bobby OR Bobby/Claire (please do not combine them)
Hawaii Five-0: Steve/Danny/Catherine/Chin/Kono (in any combination)
Three Rivers: Andy/Ryan
Dark Blue: Carter/Dean
Crossovers are very welcome.
2) Fanart for any of my stories. This can be anything from a scene from within the story or a cover. You can find all my stories on my website. I have a specific image in mind (the scene has not been written and the story is as yet unpublished) so if you're willing please contact me.
3) A mood theme for any of my fandoms. I already have mood themes for SG-1, Atlantis and Hawaii Five-0.
4) A local fannish friend. What I mean by this is someone who lives in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that I can get together with and watch our shows. The fandoms I'm looking for are: Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Farscape. Of course you can be a fan of any or all of them. If interested please message me.
5) Help customizing my Dreamwidth. I want to add a header and a mood theme.
6) I cannot vid to save my life and really would like a vid of the men of H50 dressed up (nice clothes, tuxes, dress uniforms) set to ZZ Top's Sharp Dress Man.
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As you may or may not (based on how long you've followed this blog) at this time every year I participate in a two week challenge called Snowflake Challenge.

The challenge for yesterday was to make three resolutions/goals for the coming year. I don't usually do this because I never keep them more than a few months at most.

But I'm trying to improve my life and decided to make some this time. One of them is to post more happy content/less rants. But that's not to say that I won't ever post a rant ever again, just that it will be about something that pisses me off.

Before I knew what the challenge was I had planned a post about something that I saw at work that annoyed me. After seeing the post, I decided to not make that post.

And then today, L addressed the issue so either it bothered someone else as well, or L saw and realized she needed to say something.

I follow a blog that used to host a pride thread post every Monday. She hasn't posted one for several months but knowing what I know about her off line life, I can't say as I blame her.

So, since I miss those posts, I'm going to start doing it myself. Plus this gives me a guaranteed once a week happy post. I'm going to start posting it on Mondays starting either this Monday or next. But I want to go ahead and brag about myself now.

For the record, this isn't just about telling others when you've done something to be proud of, if you saw something that made you happy: post it; if you got some great (or even just good) news: post it. In short, we're trying to spread the happy.

My follower list is small so please feel free to promote this in your own personal blog. And please be sure to tell your followers that if they don't want to have to read about my personal life, they can just track the 'spreading the happy' tag.

My first contribution will be in a comment.

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